Every-note played assignment

Every Note Played
During the course of your program, you have learned about many aspects of being a Therapeutic Recreation Specialist. In this assignment you will be reading a story about a gentleman diagnosed with ALS. What do you see as your role? At what point would you be working with Richard? You will read this book and make note of some of the needs/problems/challenges Richard has. What other disciplines would be working with Richard? What needs would they be addressing? Then write a paper outlining these needs, possible modalities that could address these needs and one of Austin’s lessons that would help you when treating Richard.

The paper will take this format.
At what stage of the disease do you envision yourself working with Richard?
Identify a minimum of two needs that you would be addressing as a recreational therapist and provide evidence within the book of these needs. (Quotes, page numbers). You should have at least two/three quotes per need.
Identify two other disciplines that would be working with Richard. What needs would they be addressing? Provide at least two quotes from the book for each additional discipline.
What modalities would you choose to meet these needs (at least two)? Why did you choose these activities? What are the potential outcomes? You need to cite where you found this information(Evidenced based practice). I am fine with you using previous text books as a resources.
I also want you to identify one of Austin’s lessons that you feel would be beneficial to use when working with this population. Why did you choose this lesson? How does it apply?
In the final two paragraphs make an argument as to why Richard should be working with a recreational therapist. State your reasoning, clearly drawing on the needs portrayed throughout the book and what you have learned in our TR program. Citations from the book are strongly encouraged!
Approximately 1/2 pages in length.

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