Equal Employment opportunity

You are the Director of HR at one of the largest, multi-state, security contractors in the US. Since your office is located at company headquarters and management has decided to limit business travel, you’ve been tasked with creating a “Legal Compliance Workbook for Managers in the Field,” instead of conducting your annual training session. In order to create a comprehensive workbook, you must address the following:
The historic context within the United States from which equal employment opportunity (EEO) laws emerged
Two major criteria used to determine EEO and affirmative action compliance or noncompliance
Compare and contrast several different EEO laws
Create best practice recommendations on how to abide by many EEO laws
five different references not including the text in APA format. Please provide cover page, in-text citations for every reference and reference page.In addition, each student’s assignment will receive high marks if the final draft:
Is substantive
Addresses each part of the Assignment
Is posted by the deadline
Has a structure this is clear, logical and easy to follow (including an introduction and conclusion)
Transitions well between sections
Is directed to the appropriate audience
Has a tone that is appropriate to the content and assignment
Is free of errors related to word usage, punctuation, grammar and spelling

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