ENV/315: Global Change

Review the report on the West Virginia Chemical Spill to learn about the analysis of and details surrounding the 2014 Elk River chemical spill. Write a paper assessment of the spill. The title page and reference page do not apply toward the required word count. All factual material in the paper needs to be cited in the text in APA format – usually (author, year) for paraphrased material or ideas, or (author, year, p. #) for direct quotes. Only references cited in the text are included on the separate reference page. The content should address the following: Introduction – this should be a standalone paragraph that introduces the reader to the entire paper Summarize the events leading to the chemical spill Identify three contaminants that were introduced to the water and discuss how these were identified. Identify two reasons there was concern about the chemical spill. Based on the information provided from the report and The Human Impact on the Natural Environment, summarize the effect humans can have on bodies of water. Conclusion – this should be a standalone paragraph that summarizes the content and includes an overarching take away message or call to action for the reader Format the document with APA guidelines (Click on the Center for Writing Excellence link below for help with APA formatting, if needed). The paper needs to include: Properly formatted title page with page number 1 at the upper right and no Running Head.


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