ENGL 1040 English

Answer the following questions in a short-essay format. Each answer should be at least two paragraphs. Be sure to read carefully and answer each part of the question. You do not need to incorporate these answers into a full standardized essay. Number them 1 – 4, and write a couple of paragraphs on each one.
I. Discuss the American Dream and how it applies to the Younger family. How might it differ for members of various social, ethnic and economic classes?
2. One of the main characters, the father, never appears in the play. Discuss how this character still influences the values of the characters and the actions in the play.
3. What does Mama mean when she says her flower “expresses MO”? What other symbolism can be found in the play? 4. Discuss the title of the play, which is taken from the Langston Hughes poem Harlem. Hansberry includes it at the start of the play. Discuss the symbolism of the Hughes poem and how it is significant to the play.

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