ENG1500 Experience In Literature

Tell Me Your Favorite Story A. Did you binge-watch your favorite TV program lately? B. Is there a favorite story from your childhood you remember? C. A book you were assigned in school that you found shockingly absorbing? D. Maybe the one you first remember? E. Have you watched a movie over and over again? F. Do you have a favorite author? G. A favorite book series? H. A story from your own life you tell a lot? I. A family story? J. As icky as it sounds, would you like to ask the story of your parents/ grandparents ‘romance’ and tell that story? (All of the above are prompts and you certainly don’t have to write about all of them, and if you have something else in mind as far as telling me a story you don’t have to land on any of them.) So why is it your favorite story? What makes it so interesting? If it’s a TV show, film or book, can you provide a couple of examples/ “scenes” to demonstrate what makes it so compelling to you? Maybe too you might want to consider the ‘context’ in which the story is your favorite or one of your favorites; that is, maybe you got into “The Walking Dead” or some Goth Sci-Fi stuff at a time in your life….That kind of thing. I think the above is clear enough. If not, don’t hesitate to shoot me an email. Let’s say that we’re looking at 3 pages, typed, double-spaced. That seems fair.

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