ENG130_65 English Literature & Composition

Essay for ENG 130: Literary Response for Plot This assignment focuses on your ability to: learn how to identify the plot devices of a piece of literature; craft your own creative piece with similar plot devices. The purpose of completing this assignment is: as a student and a career professional, you will need to read and summarize many different forms of literature. Very often, you will need to report out on those summaries. This is a good practice in developing those skills! Prompt (What are you writing about?) • After reading the short short story resources in Unit 1, create a short short piece of your own (no more than 2 pages) that focuses on one of the following prompts: o The first time you realized you had a superpower o The time you decided to return to school as a mature student o The time all technology stopped working Instructions (how to get it done): • Write a 1 to 2 page creative response that details one of the prompts above. Be sure to have a plot with clear characters, a conflict, and a resolution. Requirements: • Your response should be 1-2 pages (does not include the title page). • Your response should have a properly APA formatted title page. The title page template is in the Unit 1 resources. • The paper should be double spaced with 1-inch margins. Choice of fonts: 11-point Calibri, 11- point Arial,12-point Times New Roman. • Please be cautious about plagiarism. Make sure to use internal citations for direct quotes, paraphrases, and new information. Students: Be sure to read before you write, and again after you write

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