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In Jedidiah Purdy’s essay, “Killing It,” he argues that the food movement is an attempt to create a “reunion of stomach and imagination” (2). What does “touching the source” (1) have to do with this concept? Please provide examples from the essay that illustrate the point that Purdy is trying to make and how it is related to a rejection of the industrial food system. In Kathryn Shulz’s essay, “The Really Big One,” she argues that the “recurrence interval” (7) for the Cascadia subduction zone is 243 years. With examples drawn from the essay, please say how this number is relevant when considering the colonial history of the Pacific Northwest and the general lack of preparedness here for a major quake like the one that struck in 1700. In Alex Gillis’ essay, “The Rise of Junk Science,” he argues that “Increasingly, journalists, politicians, and the general public are—sometimes inadvertently, sometimes not—relying on fraudulent and flawed research to guide major decisions”

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