EE5410 Renewable System Integration


a) Simulate the given localised region of the power network for the case where all the PV generators are simultaneously outputting 15 kW of power. Make sure that displayed field values (such as bus voltages and power values) are set to a meaningful number ofsignificant digits and decimals places.
b) Analyse the results of the simulation to identify issues based on basic knowledge that you know (or find out) about invertersystems, including operational power cut‐outs ofsolar inverter systems if the output voltage rises exceeds a given threshold average (or RMS) voltage.
In Queensland, a solar inverter is required by law to cut‐out (stop working) if its output voltage reaches or exceeds 255 V AC RMS, which is a single‐phase voltage, equivalently not exceeding 441.7 V AC (line‐to‐line RMS). Please confirm this cut‐off voltage with official information sources. List clearly all assumptions you make (if any), and also provide references for relevant source information you use – such as from cable manufacturers and Australian Standards information (eg. Australian Standard for solar inverters.)
Convey conveniently in table form the voltages at all the buses, and also show an image of the PowerWorld simulation (with bus voltages shown as field values).
c) Comment on your obtained simulation results. In particular – comment on detected voltage‐rise issues or inverter cut‐out issues (if any) revealed by your simulations

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