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Demographics Survey.

For your final project, you will provide your chosen community’s Emergency Management officials with a report outlining information on threats and hazards, critical infrastructure, demographics and identifying planning representatives, they will need to create and complete a Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan (CEMP). Your final CEMP research report will require several steps in order to complete it.

For Part II of your final project, you will research the US Census and Labor Statistics and any other sources for your community. For this assignment, you will use the Census Form Final Project Assignment Part II Census Form.doc  download  to provide the data requested for your community. You are welcome to add the percentages to the chart instead of creating another template.

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To complete this assignment, using your source websites, investigate the following data for your community:

·  population,

·  ethnicity and race,

·  poverty level,

·  educational level for adults,

·  high and low incomes,

·  occupations (skilled and unskilled),

·  # of seniors and other vulnerable populations, etc.

You can put your findings in this table and attach it to your report. What surprises you about what you found?

In a report format summarize your results and answer the bullet points above in a report. You will use this information to help complete your Final Project at the end of the course.

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