DSL Program

What are your short and long term academic goals related to the DSL Program?  Elaborate on how scholarship in the DSL program will help you to achieve stated goals? Based on your DSL Program Learning Outcome (PLO) Self-Assessment assignment, discuss your results and expectations regarding the DSL program’s anticipated impact in each area.

*Note: Academic goals ensure that the courses you take provide the tools and experiences you will need to graduate on time with a marketable skill set.

Your replies (two required) to your classmates’ thread(s) must be substantive in nature.

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*Please review the Discussion Board Forum 1 – Grading Rubric prior to completing this assignment.

Note: When you complete your Forum, use your word processor, proofread (use theLiberty Writing Lab or PaperRater), be sure to use the APA format, save, paste into the submission area and attach it as a file (YourLastName-Forum1-8).  When you paste it into the Forum, some APA formating may not appear (Running head:).  I will grade the attached paper.  Posting in the Forum allows your classmates to read your post without downloading it.

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