DNA Replication

Attached this week’s work. Worksheet is only 4 pages. You will need all attachments but I only need to turn in the worksheet. You know the drill, if pictures are required, please include actual pics. Thank you!

From the professor:
For lab, you are completing an exercise over DNA replication and protein synthesis.   For this exercise, you will be using paper cut-outs to go through the steps of each process.  The cut-outs can be printed from the attached file in the assignment. There is also an additional powerpoint in the lab this week. Replication and protein synthesis can be tricky to understand, especially in this type of learning environment. The powerpoint is some additional, more visual, material to look at as you are going through the lab. I have also found a couple of YouTube videos I am linking here.
These videos are both by the Amoeba Sisters.  They have other videos about the structure of DNA and the differences between DNA and RNA, so feel free to look at some of those too.  They have pretty much simplified the processes down to the level we are looking at. Most of the videos on this topic go into much more detail, so stick with the Amoeba Sisters if you are looking for more videos.

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