discussion post (Quality of work life in nursing)

Initial Postings:
A professional posting is about 250 to 300 words plus references and must be referenced to something you have researched to support your commentary and evaluation or reflection (i.e., evidence).  For instance, if you are discussing reflection, connect it to some literature on reflection. Typically, you can learn and connect better when you first define a concept.
For example, if you select a definition for leadership, and state it/cite source, then the reader has a sense of your starting point. There are many forms of leadership defined in the literature, so it does make a difference (e.g., ethical, authentic, democratic, transformational, servant and more)
You can draft your posting in Word format and when you think it is done and ready to post, then cut and paste it directly into the discussion box so we do not have to open it as an attachment.

what the disscussion post is about:
Post #1 Quality of Work Life in Nursing
Researchers are striving to better understand the quality of work life in nursing and the implications for healthcare and organizations. Please go to the Library database and do a search using the keywords “quality work life nursing” or a search of your creation related to the topic. Read a selected peer-reviewed scholarly article and share with us what the main elements of the article are suggesting (be sure to use citations and references in keeping with APA and proper posting format). Critique the information and its relevance to nursing practice. Are the results valid? What are the results? Do you agree/disagree and why?

For your response post engage in a professional dialogue in this discussion board

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