Discussion Paper-Nursing Homework

Discussion Paper-Nursing Homework:

Write a paper of 2-3 pages about the proposed interventions for your problem or issue supported by evidence. And collected by conducting a literature search and review. Integrate the information into your project.

The assignment should include:

  1. The extent of evidence-based data for proposed interventions.
  2. Comprehensive description of factors that might influence the use of proposed interventions.
  3. Identify the barriers related to the proposed interventions.
  4. Detailed list of resources that will be needed and Monitoring and tracking and ongoing review.
  5. Detailed steps, or sequence of events, or specific implementation activities that will be required to implement the interventions.
  6. Performance of tasks required for implementation and staff responsible in the implementation of the interventions and their qualifications.
  7. Strategies that facilitate the implementation of the proposed intervention.
  8. Timeline and Expected outcomes to be achieved by your project.


  • Due: Monday, Midnight P.T.
  • Length: 2-3 pages
  • Format: APA 6th ed.
  • Research: At least one peer reviewed reference within the last 5 years

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