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In this program, you will be conducting an applied research project. There are several key questions to consider in this type of research:

  1. Why am I doing this research? (What is the need, problem, or opportunity?)
  2. What is the goal of the research?
  3. What research questions will guide my research (questions that I need to answer to reach this goal)?
  4. What is known and unknown about this situation?
  5. What information is needed and how will I gather it?
  6. How do I incorporate key takeaways from the Merida et al. text including 1 Kings and 2 Kings?
  7. Based on the project results, what are some potential suggestions or actions that need to be taken?
  8. What is the best way to present/organize the report?

Answer the first, second, and sixth question above in bold in this discussion board forum. Cite references to back up your responses. For example, there may be some statistics that you can cite that would back up the need, problem, or opportunity you plan to explore.  It may be important to define the goal and define any key terms related to your goal. How will this information gathered from answering all of these questions help you in focusing your applied research project?

Textbook Readings

Creswell & Creswell: ch. 2 (pp. 23-48)

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Merida et al.: The Torn Kingdom, A Lamp in Jerusalem

Zikmund: ch. 7 (pp. 131-158), ch. 8 (pp.159-183), ch. 9 (pp. 184-204)

Bible Readings

1 Kings 12:1 – 16:34

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