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  1. Research Article: Find a Scholarly, Peer Reviewed Journal Article from the online library related to Leadership. Attach a copy of the article and answer the following questions: Identify a research question in a journal article and discuss what approach would be best to study the question and why. What worldview, design, and research method was used? Was the research: quantitative, qualitative, or mixed methods?
  2.  Application to Your Project: Discuss your proposed research topic for this course/program. What is your research question? What research approach/method do you think will be best for your applied research project?
  3. Incorporating the Merida et al. text and Bible: How do you plan to include the Merida et al. text and Bible into your applied research project? Please explain.

Textbook Readings

Creswell & Creswell:  ch. 5 (pp. 99-116), ch. 6 (pp. 117-32), ch. 7 (pp. 133-146)

Merida et al.: Solomon’s Temple, The Wise Fool

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Zikmund: ch. 3 (pp. 38-47), ch. 4 (pp. 48-72), ch. 6 (pp. 106-130)

Bible Readings

1 Kings 6:1 – 11:43


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