We fear difference.  Not everyone to the same degree… but some degree in all people.
Prejudice is an antipathy towards another person based upon pre-existing belief or opinion, resulting from some form of social categorisation or membership of a particular group.
It relies upon a stereotypical characterisation, or generalisation, of others, which is not grounded in evidence or experience.
In this sense, prejudicial views are not based upon rational judgements and are inherently unjust.
In some cases, the views held about the members of another group are so exaggerated and misconceived that they become almost laughable or, worse, flat out dangerous.
However, it is easy to dismiss them as the product of ignorant and closed minds as they can often be part of a social system which creates a hierarchical order, justifying discrimination in order to preserve the position of the superior group.
In this course, I am inviting you to take a hard look at your fears, beliefs, assumptions and limitations when it comes to being open to life, learning and love with others who you deem to be different from you.
Who can be a teacher in your life?  Who can help you be released from the prison of your mind?


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