Defining what it means to be a mom.


Argument essay
If you have a job or a vocation, define your role to help your reader appreciate what you do. For example, you can define nurse, mother, father, EMT, care-taker/care-provider, security guard, store manager, etc.
As a part of the Defintion argument, keep in mind the three most common ways that a definition argument works, and make use of both positive and negative definition (telling your reader what the concept is and what the concept is not), exemplification (giving an example), and by clarification of terminology by informing the reader about the details and the complexities of the concept your are defining.
Present your essay in the MLA style, in approximately 1,200 words.
Use a minimum of two and a maximum of four sources of information and be sure to include those sources in your Works Cited page.
Remember to upload the document in doc x or PDF format to this Blackboard assignment tool.

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