Data Mining

Write a research paper on one of the following Data Mining open source tools. Be sure to include a title page and a references page. Place your name on the Title page.

You must write in your own words. Content which has been copied from another source will not be accepted and will result in zero (0) points being awarded for this assignment.

You may paraphrase another source and you may directly quote another source. Material directly quoted must be contained within quotation marks

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All material that is paraphrased or directly quoted must give attribution to the author through the use of in-text citations such as (Jones, 2019).


5 pages maximum (includes Title page and References page)

12 point, serif font such as Times New Roman

1 inch margins

Graphics/images are limited to one instance and that instance may not exceed 20% of a page

Open Source Tools:







Apache Mahout

Oracle Data Mining



SAS Data Mining




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