Cultural Event Writing Assignment

**Due Date: October 11 by 11:55 p.m. (CST)**
No late papers accepted

Instructions: Choose a painting and write a 3-5 page essay analyzing it. The painting must be by an artist listed on page 2. A color illustration of the painting must accompany the paper. The image must be downloaded from ARTstor an RSU library image database.* Your critique must conform to the following standards: 12 pt. font using times new roman script and one inch margins, footers, and headers. The essay must be double-spaced even at paragraph breaks. Indent all paragraphs. Title the paper using the artist’s name and painting’s title, for example: Vincent van Gogh’s Starry Night.

Four things are to be analyzed about the painting that were discussed in Gateways to Art and the PowerPoint lectures. They are: 1. The painting’s subject matter (its narrative content [pg. 35-37 print and e-book]), which is often found in the title of the work (also include the artist’s name, date it was painted, etc.); 2. The painting’s form, and how its visual elements are structured, e.g., line, color, shape, value, chiaroscuro, space, etc. (information culled, and only culled, from chapters 1.1-1.10 from Gateways to Art); 3. The significance of the artwork’s medium (again, information culled from chapters 2.1 and 2.2). 4. An interpretation of the painting’s significance and how it affected you personally. The essay is not a book report about a painter; the assignment must focus on the painting itself. Structure your essay according to the items listed above, but do not enumerate, bullet-point, or subtitle these items in the paper. Use only paragraphs to demarcate ideas and themes. The essay must be double-spaced throughout and must include a color illustration of the painting. Always capitalize and italicize the title of the painting. Your name must be on the essay. Do not include a cover page. Paginate your essay starting with page 1. Do not start your essay halfway down page 1. Use only Gateways to Art. Do not use any other sources of information. General information, e.g., the painting’s date, medium, style, etc. can be found online and cited from in the paper. The critique is submitted as a Word document (or PDF) along with the image. When searching for an illustration first go to ARTstor. If it is not found at ARTstor then search online.* Credit the source of the illustration, including ARTstor. Include the title and credited source of the illustration alongside the image. Do NOT embed the image within the 3-5 pages of text. The color illustration constitutes a separate page in addition to the 3-5 pages of text. For example, were you to write only 3 pages, then the illustration would be copy-and-pasted onto page 4. If you wrote 4 pages, the illustration would be copy-and-pasted onto page 5. Finally, 3 pages of text means 3 full/complete written pages. Anything short of 3 full pages, even if it’s a sentence, will be penalized. Failure to comply with the instructions results in a lower grade. The essay is submitted as an electronic Word document (or PDF) to the course website. An attached document sent to my RSU email account will not be accepted or graded. Note: the writing assignment is worth 20% of the final grade. While the weight of the grade is based primarily on content, problems with grammar, style, punctuation, and organization will affect the final grade of the paper. If you have any questions about the assignment please email them. Good luck.
Approved Painters (No Exceptions)
Approved Painters:
1.    Jean-Michel Basquiat
2.    Faith Ringgold
3.    Peter Paul Rubens
4.    Atsuko Tanaka
5.    Diego Velasquez
6.    Remedios Varo
7.    Pierre-Aguste Renoir
8.    Rosa Bonheur
9.    Pablo Picasso
10.    Mark Rothko
11.    Titian
12.    Sofonisba Anguissola
13.    Rembrandt van Rijn
14.    J.M.W. Turner
15.    Dante Gabriel Rossetti

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