Criminal Court Process


Answer each question in one paragraph

1.Describe the different actors in the criminal justice system and how their roles in the courthouse might result in conflict.

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2. Describe the typical steps in a felony prosecution. Who is the most important actor in a felony prosecution? Why?

3. Research the crime control model and the due process model of criminal justice. Which model do you think is best? Why? As a reference, draw upon a current example of a case you’ve seen in the media lately. What model of punishment was used in the case you found? Do you agree with it?

1. Describe the elements of crime. Why is it important to have the union of actus reus and mens rea?

2. The law recognizes certain defenses to crime. In those cases, even when an individual has committed the guilty act ( actus reus) of an offense, they are not guilty of the crime charged. Why shouldn’t those who commit the guilty act always be held accountable for their actions?

1. Compare and contrast the four primary types of jurisdiction. Explain their importance in criminal law.

2. What if you could change the way that federal justices were appointed? Would you change the appointment process? Why/why not? Remember that life-time appointments mean that some of these nominees could serve for decades and their decisions in court rulings might affect the lives of Americans for generations to come.

3.Should prosecution for a crime in both state and federal courts be prohibited by the double jeopardy clause? AND WHY?

1. Based on the readings and any research. What if you were the head of the judicial reform commission of your state; what would your recommendations be, and why?

2. What stance has your community taken regarding drug use? How has this impacted your local courtroom? If you have a drug court in your area, has this reduced drug crimes? If you do not have a drug court, do you think one would be advantageous? Why hasn’t your community implemented a drug court? Note: This discussion could include any of the problem-solving courts.

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