CP5804 Database Systems

You are given a business scenario and you are required to draw an Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD) for the scenario. You must use Crow’s foot notation and are allowed to use MySQL Workbench to draw your ERD. A hand-drawn ERD or ERD generated using other tools will NOT be accepted. The completed ERD must be fully labelled and implementable by presenting all necessary components including entities, relationships, connectivity’s, cardinalities, optionality’s, and constraints. Each entity should contain basic but necessary attributes including PK, FK, and other attributes. To decide some optionality’s, you may need to make your own assumptions due to the lack of information you can achieve from the given text scenario. You are required to accompany the list of assumptions you made (for optionality you choose) to the ERD. Assessment submission Include the following in your submission: A document file (MS Word or PDF format) that contains the image of ERD and a list of assumptions (about optionality you choose)

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