Course Project Peer Review

1. Important: Post your Completed Course Project for Peer Review no later than
Monday 11:59 PM EST/EDT on the Course Project Discussion Board.
(Note: You will post your initial response on the Written Exercise 8 Discussion Board
and Assignment box like all other Written Exercise assignments.)
2. You will pick one of the posted research papers and answer the questions below. You will
submit your answer to the Written Exercise.
3. Choose one research paper submitted by a peer. When you write your feedback to your
instructor, please provide the name of the student that you provided the feedback to.
Provide balanced feedback using the Course Project rubric in Doc Sharing and also rate
the following areas listed below:
a. What was the quality of information of the paper you received?
b. How well is the position of the writer supported by the research?
c. Was there enough evidence of support from at least two resources presented
by at least a different perspective other than the one the writer has taken?
d. Did the person follow APA guidelines?
e. Were the details thorough and the quality of information well written to allow
you to learn from the paper?
f. Evaluate how well the position of the writer was supported by research.
4. Submit your paper to the Assignment box and attach your paper in a post to the
Written Exercise 8 Discussion Board no later than Saturday 11:59 PM EST/EDT.
(This Assignment box is linked to Turnitin.)
To complete this assignment, you will respond logically to at least three of your
classmates’ papers. Each of your responses is to be at least 100 words in length and can
be based solely on your opinion. Refer to the syllabus for additional guidance. You must
post your responses no later than Sunday 11:59 PM EST/EDT.

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