Construction Law

Homework Assignment #2

CM 354 Construction Law Name:

Home Work Assignment #2

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Chapter 2 & 4


1. An Owner contracted with a General Contractor to renovate the first floor of his three-story building. Half way through construction the Owner asks the Contractor that if he would remove the carpet of the second floor at no additional cost during the removal of the carpet of the first floor then the Owner would offer to allow the Contractor the opportunity to provide a cost for the second-floor remodel without a second bidder. What should he do?


2. You are awarded a contract to remodel a space including the replacement of all the doors with new. The existing doors are all painted wood doors. The plans call for all the doors to be replaced with wood doors. During the submittal process the Architect rejects your door submittals and says that the doors are not to be painted but should have wood veneer and be lightly stained. The cost from your door subcontractor to make this change is $25,000. Both the Architect and Owner tell you they will not pay for this because you, the contractor, never stated in your offer that the door replacement would be “paint grade”. What should you do?

3. You are contracted to build 8-foot high block wall 100 feet long in the location identified on the plans. While digging the footing the Owner comes by and asks if you could extend the wall another 10 feet and asks you approximately how much it will cost. You give him an estimate. He says go ahead. But later in the Owner decides he does not wish to spend the extra money but forgets to tell you. After you build the wall with the extra 10 feet you ask for a change order. The Owner refuses saying he never actually signed a change order from you. Do you have a legal right to demand payment?

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