computer mediated communication

Students may utilize in class readings for the paper, but it is expected that AT LEAST THREE ADDITIONAL OUTSIDE SOURCES will be incorporated to expand the learning process. Though the essays are intended to be less formal than the midterm paper, they should be carefully written, proofread, and must include citations in APA format for any works referenced. Those who simply use the short essays as expressions of their personal opinions will likely receive a lower grade, because unsupported opinions are unconvincing and carry less weight than knowledge claims that are based on evidence, such as research or expert knowledge. I do insist that communication students must be excellent writers and you will lose marks for ungrammatical writing, spelling errors and typos, poor punctuation and poor vocabulary choice, a lack of clarity, and stylistic awkwardness. So, please pay special attention to your writing.



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Short Essay #1

Class Topics: Important Issues in Computer Mediated Communication


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