Communications Media Study

Watch Nanook of the North –

Review this film with emphasis on the methods used in capturing the REAL. Opinions in the review must be backed by relevant arguments using references in the film and in this case, as an academic review, authoritative textual references. Most important a review raises questions about the film in relation to the genre or cinema discussed. Assessment will take into consideration the factors below:

1) Structure of review and Vlarity; Well planned piece of writing
2) The Sociological, theoretical, or / and practical arguments / concepts presented;
3) Individual Ideas supported by strong argument / analysis and comparisons
4) Conclusion and implications of the review.

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Writer should work around with:
Bordwell and Thomson’s Categorical, Rhetorical, Abstract and Associational theories.
Issues in Contemporary Documentary by Jane Chapman
Faking it: Mock-Documentary and the subversion of factuality by Jane Roscoe
– Any other sources that discusses Film as Rhetoric, auteurism, self-reflexivity (whichever is applicable)
– Any other sources that writer deems fit to include in

As much as possible, try to work towards writing on how documentaries can be fake and is merely making use of cinematic effects to make us feel what the documentarian is feeling.

This film review should also follow the chicago referencing style and try to use journal articles that are peer reviewed.

I have also attached my friend’s work as a guideline to what I am looking at.

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