Coaching Styles

I believe that every employee and executive should have a coach. I especially believe that every leader needs a coach, even if they are already good leaders. As you view this coaching session by Alicia Marie, evaluate how she coaches this leader, Elizabeth Beskin, in order to take here from where she is to where she wants to be. After reading this week’s readings and conducting additional research, please address and answer the following questions. Please adhere to discussion board requirements.

  1. What are you noticing about Ms. Marie’s coaching style relative to what we have learned about what coaching is in this course?
  2. Which of the ICF core competencies is she exemplifying? Clarify.
  3. Who do you believe is leading this session?
  4. What suggestions (based on research) might you provide to Ms. Marie in order to make this an even better session for Ms. Beskin?

Course Textbook:

Boysen-Rotelli, S. (2018). Introduction to professional and executive coaching. Charlotte, NC: Information Age Publishing. ISBN: 9781641132541

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