Coaching models

Even if someone is talking to a light pole, it is better that they are, at least, talking. But coaching is not just listening or telling. It is a unique approach utilized to allow the coachee (client) to grow. Why? Because they have the results inside of them – and coaches help to bring it out of them. But this can be challenging, especially for an individual that thinks they are good at giving advice. Chapter 3 of your textbook dives into various models of coaching.

Choose one model, provide a brief overview, but then evaluate its pros and its cons. They all are not right for every situation and scenario. Therefore, provide a coaching scenario in which you believe that your chosen model might work the best. Be sure to support your suggestion and response with solid research.

Course Textbook:

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Boysen-Rotelli, S. (2018). Introduction to professional and executive coaching. Charlotte, NC: Information Age Publishing. ISBN: 9781641132541

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