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Child Development Research Paper

For this assignment, choose a topic you would like to research that pertains to child development. I recommend you choose your topic from within the textbook chapters we cover in this course. If you decide to do this, you will write your research paper on a chapter-related topic, you will quickly find related research information via the Internet or hard-copy text sources, and you will supplement your learning for that chapter as well.  In addition to explaining your chosen topic, you will explore how your topic relates to differences and diversity among people.
If you are having difficulty choosing a subject to write about, send me your ideas via the Messages function on your course site. I will tell you if your topic is appropriate for this project. As an example, in this course, you will learn about twin studies and the field of Behavioral Genetics. You could supplement your learning by writing a paper on the differences observed between monozygotic (identical) twins and dizygotic (fraternal) twins. There is much research available, via the Internet and the library, regarding twins and development. Once you start searching with your chosen search engine, you may be surprised at how much information you are able to gather.   Please make sure that you are gathering information from a credible and believable source regardless if it is a website or printed material. 

Also, make sure you are gathering information regarding diversity and your topic.  For example, are twins more common in different groups of people?  Does the twin birth rate differ between different cultural groups?  You are expected to explore how cultural diversity impacts the discussion of your topic.
When you have finished researching your area of interest, write a 4+  page paper (double-spaced please!) about this topic. To be eligible for full credit, you must have (at least) 4 FULL pages of text, not including a title page or reference page.
The final page of your document should be your reference page. On this page, list at least 5 sources that you used for your research. Examples of appropriate research sources are credible/scientific websites, scientific journal articles or books, as well as your textbook. Please do not reference pop culture magazines or newspapers! 
The first paragraph of your paper should be an introductory paragraph that introduces the topic of your paper and states the purpose of researching this topic.  The body of the paper should present your findings regarding your topic. What did you learn? Do not use direct quotes from your research sources. I want you to explain what you have learned, in your own words. You will lose points if you decide to use quotations for this assignment.
   Also, you will receive a zero if you decide to plagiarize any part of your paper. Please do not do this! I will run your paper through a plagiarism checker, so please do not submit someone else’s work as your own.
As you write this paper, you should be citing your research sources (readings / websites)throughout your paper so that the source of your information can be identified. Please use APA style to cite all of your research sources throughout your paper. Also, use APA style to list all of your references (sources) on your reference page (last page). The reference page will be the last page of your paper. There is much information available on the web explaining how to use APA style to list your sources throughout your paper, and in your final reference section.   
Please know that there are specific APA style criteria for referencing books, journal articles, websites, etc. You must follow the APA guidelines for listing all of these sources, or you will lose points on your paper. Also, you must cite these sources throughout your paper as you reference an idea found in the source article, website, book, etc. You will lose points if you do not cite sources throughout your paper.   Your textbook is a wonderful example of how to cite your sources in APA style throughout your paper, and how to list your resources in APA style at the end of the paper.  Please remember that you cannot copy text from your source!
You do not need to format your entire research paper according to APA guidelines. I only want you to list your sources throughout your paper and on your final, reference page in APA format.