Cell Structure and Function BIO101L

1. Identify three major similarities and differences between prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells.

Prokaryotic CellsEukaryotic Cells
Lack LysosomeHas lysosome
Lack PeroxisomeHas Peroxisome
Lack MitochondriaHas Mitochondria

2. Where is the DNA housed in a prokaryotic cell? Where is it housed in a eukaryotic cell?

3. Identify three structures which provide support and protection in a eukaryotic cell.

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Experiment 1: Identifying Cell Structures

Post-Lab Questions

1. Label each of the arrows in the following slide image:

DCell wall

2. What is the difference between the rough and smooth endoplasmic reticulum?

3. Would an animal cell be able to survive without mitochondria? Why or why not?

No, it would be difficult for an animal cell to survive without a mitochondria. Without the mitochondria which generate energy, cells would only be able to obtain energy from anaerobic respiration which may not be enough to sustain life

4. What could you determine about a specimen if you observed a slide image showing the specimen with a cell wall, but no nucleus or mitochondria?

5. Hypothesize why parts of a plant, such as the leaves, are green, but other parts, such as the roots, are not. Use scientific reasoning to support your hypothesis.

Experiment 2: Create a Cell

Post-Lab Questions

1. What cell structures did you place in the plant cell that you did not place in the animal cell?

2. Is there any difference in the structure of the two cells?

3. What structures do cells have for support in organisms that lack cell walls?

4. How are organelles in a cell like organs in a human body?

5. How does the structure of a cell suggest its function? List three examples.

6. In the table below, list the items you used to represent the various organelles in your PLANT cell. Provide a brief rationale explaining why you selected each item.

usbNucleusUsb hold the iformation
BeadsribosomesThe beads look like ribosomes
GelatincytoplasmFills in the cell like cytoplasm
Black squarechloroplastChloroplast absorbs the sunlight
YarnEndoplasmic reticulumThe yard twisted and bundled up just like the reticulum
Plastic boxPlant cell wallPlastic box is more stronger and more protective and hence it represents Plant cell wall that Protects the outside layer of the cell
Envelop ( small)Golgi aparatusThe envelope is like mail been delivered as the golgi apparatus is like the mail transport
BagCell membraneThe bag holds everything inside like the cell membrane
ContainerVacuoleA vacuole can hold something just like the big container which can help anything that is inside it and can also protect anything from getting inside.
GluenucleolusThe glue produces the sticker where necessary just as the nucleolus will produce ribosomes subunits.

7. Insert picture of your PLANT cell with your name clearly in the background.

8. In the table below, list the items you used to represent the various organelles in your ANIMAL cell. Provide a brief rationale explaining why you selected each item.

Manual steering wheelNucleusNucleus controls the cell just like the wheel controls the car
Cardboard boxCell membraneJust like the cell membrane protects the cells and allows certain items to enter the box will also protect the items inside allowing certain items that can only fit in the box
EnvelopGolgi bodiesThe envelope protects the contents that’s inside and delivers it to another place just like the golgi body that packages and ships the proteins
StrawEndoplasmic reticulumThe endoplasmic reticulum send materials to the cells just as the straw sending materials from the glass to the mouth.
Tum pillsLysosomesJust as the tum pills help in digestion the lysosomes also assist in digestion of materials
KaplaRibosomesBoth ribosomes and kapla are used for creation; where ribosomes create proteins and kapla create structures
BatteryMitochondriaThe mitochondria supplies energy to the cells just as the battery produces energy for use.
BagCytoplasmA bag holds all items together inside there just like the cytoplasm that holds most of the cells
ContainervacuoleSmall container holds things inside it just like the vacuole does
bagCell membraneThe bag provides protection to the things inside just like the cell membrane provides protection

9. Insert picture of your ANIMAL cell with your name clearly in the background.


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