CC310-US labro


Endterm Paper, First Draft: An essay on freedom in the United States before and immediately after the Civil War, which describes which Americans were free and which were not free and why (50 points)

A draft of an original essay on the above topic. The essay must have all of the 4 distinct elements described below. The instructors will review these drafts for the required elements, each of which earns 10 points. A completed draft, containing all elements, earns 40 points. Incomplete drafts earn fewer points.

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You will also be assigned the drafts of two other students to peer review. Each review is worth 5 points. Completing both reviews earns 10 points.

The instructors will also submit your draft to ProWritingAid, a web-based editing program, which will identify errors in grammar, spelling, and punctuation, and also suggest places where you might improve the essay’s style. You will receive a copy of the report and will be required to improve your overall score for the final draft.

A free copy of ProWritingAid is available on the web (Links to an external site.). The free copy will only evaluate up to 500 words, but it is possible to evaluate your entire draft without cost by submitting it in sections of 500 words or less.

For more on how to get the most out of ProWritingAid, please consult Getting the Most Out of Pro Writing Aid download Preview the document. For more information about how your paper will be graded, please consult this Grading the First and Final Drafts of Your Paper download Preview the document.

Each essay should be at least 1,000 words or 3½ double-spaced pages in 12 pt font with 1-inch margins on all sides of letter stock (8 ½ x 11), and submitted as a Word (doc or docx):

Your essay needs to include each of the following elements:

A definition of freedom: how do you define it? What are its principal features?

A description of which people (or groups) were free and which were not free in the US before the Civil War, and the criteria you used to say so.

A discussion of why so many white Americans in the southern states were willing to fight a war to protect slavery. What was a stake for them?

A discussion of why so many white Americans in the northern and western states were willing to fight a war to end slavery. What was at stake for them?

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i made a mistake, the order just 2 sources required at most, you can just cite 1 source, and you can cite 0 source even. Need you to express your opinion more.
Combined with these pictures I sent to answer the question to write, these pictures are the content of the writing group discussion. The main focus is to express their views.