Case Study #2

Case Study #2

Read the case study “Practicing Organizational Culture Without a Leader” and then answer the following questions below:

1. What are three organizational issues going on in this case? Which organizational theories do you think apply best to this situation?

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2. Make a list of things you need to do as the new administrator and prioritize them. What would you do on day one if you were the administrator in this practice? What data would you collect on the first day in order to go forward? What would you do next? Provide a rationale for your list and priorities.

3. What type of management style does Dr. Smith practice here?

4. How would you actively manage the staff in this environment of “unknowns” among a pregnant patient base?

5. Smith wants YOU to change the culture in the practice—how would you do this?

Citation for case study:

Robinson, D. (2014).  Practicing organizational culture without a leader. In S. B. Buchbinder; N. H. Shanks & D. Buchbinder (Eds.), Cases in healthcare management (23-26).  Burlington, MA: Jones & Bartlett Learning.

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