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*****Don Student 1****I am currently a junior at Liberty pursuing a Psychology: Christian Counseling bachelor’s degree. With this degree I hope to obtain my master’s at least with the hopes of getting fully licensed as a Christian Counselor. If I did not decide to go all the way with my counseling profession, I would pursue something in the social work field. In Indiana, to become a licensed counselor you need to get certified by the Indiana Professional Licensing Agency. Before you can get approved you must obtain your master’s degree, have 1000 practicum supervised hours with an internship, get 3000 supervised hours for experience and pass the National Mental Health Counselor Examination (Counseling Licensure in Indiana, 2018). To find the information needed, one must go to to find all the necessary requirements.

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I hope to one day have my own in-home practice where I can counsel. In order to maintain my licensing, I will need to take 20 hours’ worth of continuing education every two years total. I currently am planning on attending Huntington University which is a local Christian university to get my Master’s. I will hopefully, Lord willing, have my bachelor’s by December of 2020 and from there decide when and where I want to further my education. Depending on where I’m at in life at that point will determine how quickly I pursue my next steps. The Lord has been very faithful to get me to the point that I am at currently and I am thankful for the opportunity that I have had.


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******Ton Student 2****  My chosen career path is not yet finalized. I have been involved in different sports from a very young age and tried most sports. I have played soccer since the age of 4 and soccer is what got me to college, so my goal is to stay involved in sports in some form or other. Last semester at my former college we were asked to write about our career goals and what we expected to achieve in our life. I said then that I plan to play my final season of soccer, which I will do in the fall, and then pursue either a career as a Sport Psychologist or a recruiter for a college soccer team. If I don’t get that far then a career as a soccer coach would also be an achievable goal for me. I have been offered a position as an assistant soccer coach at the high school level, but I would like to travel and maybe play semi-pro soccer before I settle down. I forgot to mention that after I complete this class, I will have earned a Bachelor’s in Psychology.

The requirements for a Sport Psychologist are usually different in most states but all states do require a bachelor’s degree in physical education and/or general psychology. The recommendation is to obtain a masters in sports psychology and it is also a good idea to include kinesiology (Brown, 2016). Another possible requirement is a clinical psychologist license but again not every state requires this (Sports, 2019). Since I have learning issues, most likely I will not continue with a master’s degree.

The Association for Applied Sport Psychology (AASP) is the governing agency for Sport Psychologist. This association addresses the skills, training, ethics and other necessary professional resources needed for the career in Sport Psychology (AASP, 2019).

The Texas High School Coaches Association (THSCA) is one of the main governing bodies in the state of Texas that oversees high school coaches (THSCA, 2019). Of course, the University Interscholastic League (UIL) is also a major part of helping coaches to guide and lead athletes (UIL, 2019). College level governing bodies for students include the NCAA and the NAIA, but I am not sure of who governs the coaches except maybe they also must abide by the NCAA and NAIA rules. The United States Soccer Federation (USSF) is named as the governing body for soccer in the United States (USSF, 2019).

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