capstone master in health care administration Order 1659251


For this week’s discussion, you will explore career and networking opportunities in your area of interest. These include internship positions, externship positions, volunteer opportunities, licensure, and certification opportunities.

Discuss at least five opportunities available to you. These may be opportunities in your local community or in larger geographic areas.

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For each, be sure to include

the primary organization,
a link to the description of the opportunity,
a summary of how the opportunity may benefit your growth in the field, and
a brief synopsis of whether you intend to pursue this opportunity
Writer: I am graduating with a masters in healthcare administration. I currently work as a clinical nurse coordinator in a hospital, my specialty is stepdown/critical cardiovascular unit. With this degree I plan to step-up the ladder until I get to be the CNO or CEO or somewhere in that category. My first goal is to become a manager in critical care which is my specialty in any hospital in Broward county Florida. Let me know if you need any help with this assignment. Thanks