Capstone Essay

Please the attached Rubric and Sample for the Capstone Essay


The final assignment for ETHC101 is a capstone essay that brings all of the knowledge and skills developed in this course to bear on a single ethical issue.

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Each student will write a paper of 2100 to 2400 words (total, including the title page, table of contents, quotations, footnotes, and bibliography),

in current Turabian format, that combines the insights and arguments of the third and fourth discussion boards into a single carefully-articulated work.


Begin your paper with a brief introductory paragraph that clearly states what positions you are going to argue for.

State what metaethic you will defend, the issue in applied ethics to which you will be applying it, and the conclusion(s) on that issue that you want to defend.

Next provide a lengthy and detailed explanation of your metaethic.

This will likely reflect the metaethic that you argued for in your

Discussion Board Three thread and the feedback that you received from the classmate or classmates who responded to your thread.

Here you can go into much more detail than you could in the Discussion Board, which was limited to 600 words.

If you use half of your paper to develop your metaethic, then it will contain approximately 1100 words,

which means that it will be roughly twice as long as your Discussion Board thread was.

Once you have fully explicated and argued for your metaethic, proceed to an application of that metaethic to the applied ethics issue that you discussed in your

Discussion Board Four thread.

This discussion may end up being twice as long as your discussion board thread was.

Add detail, nuance, and argumentation,

providing a fairly complete and comprehensive argument for approaching the issue the way that you do.

You may illustrate the issue with real-life examples, but please do not fill your paper with anecdotes.

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