Business Research Guide page

In this course, you will be learning about how to research and different research methods.  Applied research is often used to solve a practical business problem. Several Liberty University resources will be helpful in learning how to do research. Consult the Reading & Study folder for a list of the resource links. 

On the Business Research Guide page, you will see some resources from: essential resources, speciality resources, companies & industries, countries, faith & business. Among some of the tabs on the Graduate Library Research Page, you will see some steps to: begin research, research by subject, search words, organize research, and cite research.

Brainstorm an organizational problem, some ways to research the problem and some ways to research to determine how to solve the problem. What steps would you take to conduct the research? What tools, techniques, or methods would you use? What would you do to gather internal and external information? Would you develop a theory or rely on a specific theory that you might test and how? Explain your process for how to conduct research in this program.

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Post your initial post by 11:59 p.m. on Thursday and your two response posts to your classmates by 11: 59 p.m. on Sunday of each module/week. Refer to the discussion board grading rubric for more information.

Textbook Readings

Creswell & Creswell:  ch. 1 (pp. 1-22), ch. 4 (pp. 75 – 98)

Merida et al.: Kingship, Solomon’s Wisdom

Zikmund: ch. 1 (pp. 1-16), ch. 2 (pp. 17-36), ch. 5 (pp. 73-105)

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