Business and Corporate Law

Paper: One short paper (hence the word Brief for the assignment) will be submitted on a NJ court case chosen by each student. The paper will be a brief or a short outline of the chosen case. (Sample brief found in handout). The legal issue in the case must be from a key term found bolded throughout the assigned readings, found in topic headlines. It is imperative that when a term is chosen that the legal issue of the briefed case must be within the context of the material from the assigned chapter and be from the State of New Jersey. The cases will be found through Lexis/Nexis (Academic Universe), which is found on the Library Web Page and can be accessed through any campus-networked computer or at home following instructions found on the Library Web Page. Caveat: Computers and their search engines are not a substitute for human intelligence. When a term is found through a search engine that is when your understanding has to begin. In general, the facts of the case should be centered on property law, sales contracts (not common law contracts) or secured transactions. For example, if negligence is the search term, negligence in the design or testing of a product (goods = sales contract) is appropriate but negligence in the practice of a doctor (services = common law contract) is not (award of No Credit) on the assignment. As a general rule do not use criminal cases as this is a course in civil law (private injury actions). The format should be of the students choosing but should include the following: term chosen, date of decision, facts, the procedural history of the case (starting with the trial court’s decision and all appeals), legal issue (question of law for the court decide – not asking who will win), decision and the court’s reasoning. The paper should conclude with the student’s personal analysis of the case. This analysis should include agreement or disagreement with the decision along with substantive reasons for that conclusion, and any ethical questions that arise. The presentation should be in your own words. Do not quote from the case. This is not a typical research paper. Cutting and pasting is a violation of the Academic Integrity Policy (See below). Attached to the paper should be a page(s) from Shepherd’s Citator printed from the Lexis/Nexis appropriate web page(s). Also attached to the paper should be the Checklist as distributed to you with all appropriate boxes checked as tasks are completed

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