Biopsychosocial Case Study on Fictional Character

Hello, this study is for my abnormal psychology class. I have told the teacher that I would like to write the fictional character: BoJack Horseman, from the Netflix Original, BoJack Horseman. If you do have someone in mind you prefer, please do indeed contact me and let me know.

Below, is the requirements from the teacher, and I have attached a rubric as well. Thank you in advance.

Biopsychosocial Case Study
Please submit your Biopsychosocial Case Study. See your syllabus for details.Students will be expected to write a 5-7 page case study on a fictional character from a popular culture medium (i.e. Television, Movies, Literature, Comics, etc). The character should be someone who the student can obtain substantial information on. Case studies should include the following information:

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Students should be choosing one of the major theoretical perspectives described in the text (i.e. psychoanalytic, behaviorist, cognitive, etc.). They are to describe the theory and complete the case study from that perspective. Assessments, diagnosis and treatment should be consistent with the theoretical perspective chosen.

Patient History:

This section of your case study should address the relevant background information of the patient. Include all demographic information and any other relevant historical information (i.e. history of being abused). You should also include the “presenting problem” which is the reason the patient is seeking treatment. This should include any possible physical, emotional and/or sensory symptoms including the patient’s thoughts or feelings about these symptoms.


This section of your case study should address any interviews, observational data and physical and/or psychological screenings or tests. You should be describing any assessment tools used, why they were used and the results. Assessments should be consistent with the theoretical perspective chosen.


Students should be applying a diagnosis using the Five Axis System of the DSM-IV-TR. Diagnosis should be consistent with the history and the results of the assessments completed. Also, students should be describing which of the criteria required for a particular diagnosis the individual meets. All possible disorders in the text should be considered. At least 2 disorders should be included in the diagnosis.

Treatment Plan:

This portion of your case study should address how the individual will be treated. Students should include treatments that are consistent with the historical timeframe in which the individual lived, treatment that is consistent with the theoretical perspective AND the most effective treatment for the diagnoses provided.


Where appropriate; students should be describing biological, psychological AND social-cultural causal factors. Students should also be describing the biological, psychological AND social-cultural effects of their symptoms and diagnosis.


Accuracy will be considered in relation to the theoretical perspective, assessment, diagnosis and treatment. Accuracy will NOT be considered in relation to specific information about the fictional character/patient that comes from their pop culture medium.


Essays should maintain consistency in terms of the theoretical perspective chosen, steps in assessment, diagnosis and treatment. Also, consistency will be considered in terms of the treatment plan based on the historical timeframe.


Case Study should be in Times New Roman size 12 font, double spaced with 1 inch margins and must include a cover page and bibliography in APA format. Case Study should include headings for each of the major areas (i.e. Theory, History, etc). For questions regarding formatting please see me or utilize the library staff and website.

Grammar and Spelling:

Students are expected to maintain correct grammar and spelling throughout their case study.

Critical Thinking:

Case study should demonstrate understanding, analyze concepts and develop them further making consistent and accurate connections to various concepts from the text and any other sources used.

Overall Quality:

Overall Quality refers to the balance of flow of the Case Study. The Case Study should be engaging, easily read and maintain an end goal that is easily understood