Bio-psychology Paper: Film analysis

Bio-psychology Paper on Film analysis:  “A Beautiful Mind” (as the main plot or big reveal at the end) and analyzes what is going on with the character or characters and summarizes how it was handled.

The paper must:

1.Have a good summary of the movie

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2.Have a good summary/outline of the problem at hand (of the character/characters)

3.Explain if there was any intervention or treatment for the character/s (therapy, medication, etc.)

4.Explain what you would have done in that situation (either as the person afflicted or the person trying to help)

5.Explain if it does a good job portraying the illness in your opinion, or if it just makes the person/illness look better/worse/different than you think it should

6. 1 ½ to 2 pages, nothing more.


Bio-psychology Paper: Film analysis

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