Assignment- Implementation And Evaluation

Psychology Assignment- Implementation And Evaluation

This last part of your Leadership Intervention plan will begin with a focus on John. Which includes his leadership effectiveness and his professional development to address gaps in the competencies needed for improvement.

Once this is complete you will have successfully researched and developed your leadership intervention strategy (LIS). However, you must consider how this plan can be realistically implemented and evaluated within an organization. This final phase of the project encompasses the practical application and measurement of your plan.

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On the basis of the course assigned readings and your LIS Part I and Part II paper, review your LIS case again. Complete the following tasks for your LIS project Part III.


  • Analyze John’s effectiveness as a leader, where gaps may exist, and what leadership skills may need to improve.
  • Justify at least five key learning and professional development objectives that will enhance John’s effectiveness and a six-month learning plan to develop John’s emotional intelligence and associated competencies as well as strategies to overcome his resistance to change.
  • Evaluate how your six-month LIS will be implemented and measured including at least three metrics you will employ to measure and track results as well as how you will measure its ROI.
  • Assess how the application of emotional intelligence and leadership theory will minimize change resistance and foster appreciation and organization support of your plan.
  • Provide a detailed summary of your six-month LIS, including:
    1. The positive changes you hope to achieve
    2. Justification of your methods and strategies
    3. Potential challenges or roadblocks to your plan
    4. Strategies and tactics for overcoming these challenges
    5. A timeline for implementation and review of each component of the plan

Important hint:

You might find it helpful to begin each section of the paper by discussing the key themes and cues you observe. Then, do research on those key themes to both broaden and deepen your evaluation of the case and your understanding of the important issues.

In the final product, about half your written evaluation of each topic should be research. About half should be application to the case study.

Submission Details:

  • Submit your evaluation in a 4 page paper

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