ASSIGNMENT: Department Organization

Select a small law enforcement agency, from anywhere in the US, with 100 employees (consisting of sworn and non-sworn) or less. Copy the organizational chart to your paper  (if none is published, select another department).  Carefully examine the organizational chart and compare it to the organizational chart of a large police department – large being a department with more THAN 5000 employees (sworn and non-sworn) from any state.  Each department must serve either a city, county or state,

Note 1 : Do NOT use any federal agencies, FBI, DEA, ATF, HSI, railway – railroad police, or university/college police or prisons!

Note 2:

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Do NOT use any agency already mentioned in Chapter 3 that shows their organizational chart – that would be Houston PD, Watertown PD and River Hills PD.
Do NOT use the CHP, LAPD, LASD, or NYPD
Note 3: If you use a state agency such as the STATE POLICE or a HIGHWAY PATROL – you then must compare them to another STATE POLICE or HIGHWAY PATROL as their functions and responsibilities are different than a sheriffs’ department or municipal (city) police agency.

So, you would NOT use the Michigan State Police and compare them to the Long Beach PD, for example.

respond to the following questions – NUMBER each question answered!

Start your paper with the agencies you are using!

What are the similarities between the two agencies?
What are the differences between the two agencies?
Describe the rank structure of each.
Describe the number of specialized units in each organization, if any.
List the population of the city or state the agency serves. Identify the city and state!

Note 4: “Standard units will be patrol, and detectives (also called criminal investigation) jail (custody, corrections) operations, and administrative”.

Reflective Analysis Statement – PLACE this heading on your paper!

After your examination of these two departments, large and small, prepare  brief reflective analysis of at least 150 word.  Analyze the organizational structure of the departments, and prepare to write your position on:

What are the advantages and disadvantages in working for a smaller department versus a larger department?

Make sure you justify your position and cite references if needed.

Please read readings uoloaded, Chapter 3 and Types of law enforcement
Also watch video:Arkansas State Police Organizational Chart Video on you tube

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