Asian Art

1) what the author is trying to figure out (his/her question) and what s/he argues/tries to prove;

(ask yourself why s/he cares, what about a common way of thinking might propel him/her to take issue with something, which might help you decide what s/he’s trying to prove);

1a) state briefly into what parts s/he breaks the larger question and why;
1b) state how s/he goes about addressing the question (for example, what kinds of sources does s/he use and how does s/he use them);

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2) why does this piece matter? i.e., what do you see as compelling or not compelling about his/her arguments/approach and why;

3) why you personally thought the piece was important:  how did it (or didn’t) shape your thinking?

i.e. what do you see as the potential implications of his/her approach or his/her findings/argument?
You can critique or praise flaws or strengths, if you like.

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