article evaluation

I want you to answer this question this from the article I will attached to you

Literature Reviews

Has the Researcher Avoided Citing a Large Number of Sources for a Single Point?

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Is the Literature Review Critical?

Is Current Research Cited?

Has the Author Cited any Contradictory Research Findings?

Has the Researcher Distinguished between Opinions and Research Findings?

Has the Researcher Noted any Gaps in the Literature?

Has the Researcher Interpreted Research Literature in Light of the Inherent Limits of Empirical Research

Has the Researcher Avoided Overuse of Direct Quotations from the Literature?

Evaluating Samples when Researchers Generalize

Was Random Sampling Used?

If Random Sampling was Used, was it Stratified?

If Some Potential Participants Refused to Participate, Was the Rate of Participation Reasonably High?

If the Response Rate Was Low, Did the Researcher Make Multiple Attempts to Contact Potential Participants?

Is There Reason to Believe that the Participants and Nonparticipants are Similar on Relevant Variables?

Has the Author Described Relevant Characteristics (Demographics) of the Sample?

Is the Number of Participants in Each Subgroup Sufficiently Large?

Has Informed Consent Been Obtained?

Has the Study Been Approved by an Ethics Review Agency (Institutional Review Board, or IRB, if in the United States or a Similar Agency if in Another Country)?


Evaluating Measures

Have the Actual Items and Questions (or at Least a Sample of Them) Been Provided?

Are any Specialized Response Formats, Settings, and/or Restrictions Described in Detail?

For Published Measures, Have Sources Been Cited Where Additional Information can be Obtained?

When Delving into Sensitive Matters, is There Reason to Believe that Accurate Data Were Obtained?

If a Measure is Designed to Measure a Single Unitary Trait, Does it Have Adequate Internal Consistency?

For Stable Traits, is There Evidence of Temporal Stability?

7. Has the Researcher Cited Sources for “Factual” Statements?

When Appropriate, is There Evidence of Content Validity?

When Appropriate, is There Evidence of Empirical Validity?

Do the Researchers Discuss Obvious Limitations of Their Measures?

If Two or More Groups Were Compared, Were the Participants Assigned at Random to the Groups?

If Treatments Were Self-administered, Did the Researcher Check on Treatment Compliance?

Except for Differences in the Treatments, Were All Other Conditions the Same in the Experimental and Control Groups?

___ 11. When Appropriate, Have the Researchers Considered Possible Demand Characteristics?

Is the Setting for the Experiment Natural?

Has the Researcher Distinguished between Random Selection and Random Assignment?

___ 15. Has the Researcher Used Ethical and Politically Acceptable Treatments?

Does the Researcher Refer Back to the Research Hypotheses, Purposes, or Questions Originally Stated in the Introduction?

Were the Data Analyzed Independently by Two or More Individuals?

Did the Researchers Seek Feedback from the Participants (i.e., Use Member Checking) Before Finalizing the Results?

Did the Researchers Name the Method of Analysis They Used and Provide a Reference for it?

Did the Researchers State Specifically How the Method of Analysis Was Applied?

Did the Researchers Self-disclose their Backgrounds?

Are the Results of Qualitative Studies Adequately Supported with Examples of Quotations or Descriptions of Observations?

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