Art in the Work Place


Formulate systems to utilize the benefits of art. Apply them to everyday life and the workplace.


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Your company is stressing a new philosophy: “Problem-solving is our business.” Futhermore, artists use problem-solving on a daily basis. For example, a painter might have a problem of depth within a picture plane. He/She would first need to recognize the issue. Consequently, visualize a solution and execute it.

Problem-solving requires critical thinking and critical thinking requires creativity. Consequently, you will need to keep tremendous focus. As a result, you will excel at your job. That means idea creation to exercise those parts of the brain that stimulate new ideas. To do this, you will create hypothetical scenarios and try to solve the equations. As a result, engaging in this process is beneficial. It will help you to find similarities in the problem-solving paths that connect to your own life.

  1. Identify three problems that people might encounter in their lives. They can be the most basic of life’s inconveniences. For example, changing a tire.
  2. Create a timeline that maps out how to overcome these issues.

  3. Provide three possible outcomes for each scenario.
  4. Connect the problem-solving process of one of these scenarios to your own experience.
  5. Recognize and describe some obstacle you might encounter in your process idea creation.

In the end, you should have three problems, nine solutions, and one problem of your own. Futhermore, You can add possible obstacles.

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