application of APA formatting and writing style

The student will complete a brief writing assignment that will require the application of APA formatting and writing style.  The assignment will require an APA formatted title page, abstract, three paragraphs of content, and a reference page.  The assignment will require the integration of 5 scholarly/peer reviewed references


The Liberty University, School of Business and DSL program wants to ensure that students entering and progressing through the DSL program have a solid grasp on the process and expectations of APA writing, formatting, and style.  The School of Business adheres to APA formatting in all of its courses.

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This assignment will assist you in demonstrating the basics of APA writing.  For this assignment you will write a 1000 word essay that is segmented into three sections: introduction, body, and conclusion.


This essay should explain how the DSL degree will fit within your personalized career goals.  Our hope is that this exercise will help each student demonstrate their mastery of APA formatting and better understand the importance of the DSL degree in their personal calling to the field of business, specifically in strategic leadership.


Your paper will represent the following APA formatted elements:


  • APA formatted title page
  • APA formatted abstract
  • Introduction, body, and conclusion (with appropriate APA style/formatting reflected)
  • APA formatted reference page


*The essay should incorporate a minimum of five (5) scholarly, peer reviewed sources.



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