Allies Ultimately The Victors In World War II

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Why were the Allies ultimately the victors in World War II? How do you think/believe our world be different today is the Allies had not been successful?

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Student Reply has two be 1 to 3 sentences

The Allies were so successful in World War II because they had forceful manpower. In the final stages of the war, Germany’s manpower was decreasing. Great Britain and France were faced with the same problems. When the United States entered the war, the arrival of their troops were a tremendous help to the Allies. The United States produced both equipment and raw materials. In 1943, U.S. factories produced more aircraft than Germany.

If the Allies wouldn’t have been successful the world would be a mess! We would not have advanced weapons like the atomic bombs used during World War II or any other advanced weapons used during the Cold War and many other wars afterwards. The United Nations would not been created to prevent major conflicts. Because of World War II the Great Depression ended, but if the war was still happening the depression would’ve lasted for many years and we’ll probably still be going through it til this day.


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