Alleged Corruption at Chessfield

Chapter 30: Alleged Corruption at Chessfield

Please address the questions below.

1) What is your assessment of the situation at Chessfield?

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2) What recommendations would you provide to the regulator?

Chapter 31: Bon Boulangerie

Please address the questions below.

1. How does Ray’s strategic objective translate to the operational level, that is, what is his key operational objective(s) for the wholesale business line?

2. What performance drivers, that is, the internal capabilities (e.g., people, processes, and systems), and external factors need to be present to achieve operational success?

3. What are the risk factors that drive the uncertainty around achieving operational objectives?

Chapter 34: Building an ERM Program at General Motors

Please address the questions below.

1.  What are the pros and cons of having risk officers as part-time assignments within different functions and business units?

2.  Can you think of a company whose strategy failed due to its not considering the actions of external players?

3.  Do you think that companies need to experience a crisis to take risk seriously?

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