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Discussion 1

Complete the attached CHE 110 rubric and template below, the topic is vaccination.

Discussion 2

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Complete the attach ENG 123 rubric the topic is cyber security.


You have clearly and coherently established the thesis argument for your research paragraph. Moreover, you have discussed your key points as possible topics of your body paragraphs. Now, you need to integrate your credible evidence with your own thoughts. Please be sure that all of your sources have authors associated with them. You have included a counter argument to further strengthen your claim. In addition, your conclusion summarizes your thesis and key points, but you could articulate insights based on your researched analysis.  Write in THIRD person (NO form of ‘you’ or ‘I’). Please be sure to include the Reference or Works Cited page for the remaining submissions. You have a good Writing Plan here, and now, you need to develop that to compose a final draft.

Remember that you are writing a formal, professional paragraph. Please use credible sources and approach the writing in this manner:

Paragraph 1: Introduction with your thesis statement that contains three strong key points.

Paragraphs 2, 3, & 4: Using each key point, thoroughly discuss your claim, using credible sources to support your own ideas. Each paragraph should cover a specific key point.

Paragraph 5: Discuss and refute the counter argument(s) in a separate paragraph.

Paragraph 6: Conclude with articulated and nuanced insights of your original claim, drawing from your analysis.

You should have a Reference or Works Cited page with sources listed alphabetically, according to the authors’ last names, following the formatting guidelines of either APA or MLA format.

Overall, your first draft is clear and coherent, but please address the following issues:

1.  For your final paragraph draft, you might want to eliminate “My topic will focus on…” and begin with “Cyber security awareness is essential, for most firms to not invest nor have proper security plans in place in case of current changes in a data breach.” That way, you state your claim right at the beginning.


2. Eliminate all references to yourself. Just state what comes after the expletives, “It is.

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