All the bunnies

The following link is to a simulation of natural selection in a bunny population: Note: You will probably need to download the simulation, and run it from your computer. You will need updated Java to run this simulation. Your task: Run the simulation at least 4 times, making the same OR different choices each time and taking notes on what happens. You may need to do a test run or two first – don’t count any runs where the bunnies all die right away. Submit your observations (at least 300 words for this part). Also answer the following questions: Describe what natural selection means in the context of one of the traits you observed. Recall the three main principles Darwin and Wallace argued. Describe how these things, as well as genetics lead to the outcome(s) observed. Describe a situation in which something you observed in this simulation could lead to a speciation event (formation of a new species).

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