Our first week of class introduced us to the Age of Exploration. This period that began with the Portuguese exploration of West Africa, had outstanding consequences for the Americas. For this assignment, you will select one of the trading outposts/colonies any European power (Spanish, or Portuguese) established in the western hemisphere during the late 15th century (1492) through the 17th century.

The first part of this assignment is to summarize the trading outpost/colony’s background.
In 200-250 words, identify the major power that took over that region, and explain that power’s motives for colonization.

For instance, were the major power’s motives primarily economic, religious, social, political and/or martial? Make sure to include major players, key documents, and significant global events in your response. Use your textbook and course websites document to support your summary.

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Upon completing your summary, analyze the colonization process in 250-350 words.

What methods did the major power use to colonize your selected region (were they militant, diplomatic or a combination of both?)? What were the immediate consequences of these efforts? How did the region’s elite and/or general population respond to these efforts? You must use two academic journal articles, and/or monographs (scholarly books that focus on a specific topic) to support your answer.

For this assignment, you must cite your work. This does not mean slapping on a “Work’s Cited” page at the end of your assignment. You must tell the reader exactly where you obtained your information by using in-text citations that follow the MLA citation method

Writing & Research Rubric:

·        The paper is accompanied with page numbers and does not exceed 600 words.

·        The paper is written in a clear and organized matter.

·        All of the assignment’s questions are answered in an accurate, clear and organized matter.

·        The analysis section is centered on a clear thesis statement. Throughout the entire paper, the writer reinforces their primary argument by continually referring to their academic sources.

·        In addition to the textbook, the supplemental online sites and lecture notes, you must locate and include two academic journal articles and/or monographs in your research.

OpenStax – Chapter_02_Early_Globalization_The_A…
OpenStax – Chapter_04_Rule_Britannia_The_Englis…

·        All citations follow a proper MLA style throughout the entire paper.


Textbook Reference:

Corbett, P. Scott et al. “Chapter 2 | Early Globalization: The Atlantic World, 1492–1650.” U.S. History. Houston, Texas: OpenStax, 2014. 1032. Print.


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