Advanced Network Security Principles

The Case Study requires additional work. I have completed the tests required, but more screenshots and write­ups are needed for each PART. There are 3 items uploaded.
1. A Completed Packet Tracer File labelled Case Study Solution
2. The Actual Case Study which has all requirements for the Paper labelled Case Study
3. My Report Write up on the Case Study labelled Report Answers.
Please follow the layout of the document labelled Report Answers.
The following is required:­
1. Verification and or correction of the answers in the document labelled Report Answers
2. A total of twenty (20) Additional screenshots verifying the tests which must be put into the corresponding Tables and referred to in the Appendix (just as I did in the Report Answers document)
3. A write up for each part. Write up must include a discussion and conclusion on the PART subject in direct relation to the Case Study. There are 5 Parts in the Case Study
4. Part 5 h. is not done. I am in need of that part being completed.
It states:­
The following requirements should be configured only in the Branch router.
• Run the IOS auto secure
• Indicate that the router is connected to the Internet via S0/0/0
• Configure the same parameters indicated in Table 4 and the same username
• For the enable password specify the password12345
• Do not configure the CBAC Firewall feature but enable the tcp intercept feature.
• Apply the configuration to the router.
h. (4 points) Indicate at least four parameters that were configured by the IOS auto secure feature
Please complete just as required showing all configuration required as well as the 4 parameters that were configured (Please highlight the important parts).
At least 13 references are needed which should be used in the discussion and conclusion section of each part.

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